June 2024: Develop financial markets-grade software faster than ever before

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JUNE 12-14, 2024, BOSTON

Sponsors at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit 2024

Meet us in Boston to discover how the Genesis Application Platform could help you solve your greatest tech challenges.

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How we help the best in fixed-income trading

become even better

We empower financial institutions in the fixed-income space to innovate using the Genesis Application Platform. Our platform facilitates the development, deployment, and operation of finance-grade software, ensuring performance, security and governance standards.  

Using our platform, we built our Primary Bond Issuance (PBI) Application for a global asset manager, which accelerates investment decisions, minimizes data errors, and captures market opportunities. Schedule a meeting to explore how we can help you too.  

Join our panel discussion

Watch Liz Matkowski, Director, Head of Global Strategic Accounts here at Genesis, participate in the Workflow Automation Panel on June 13th at 12:20pm.  

Here, she’ll discuss how workflow tech developments enable greater collaboration and information exchange between traders and PMs.  

Some of the topics in this discussion include, how to better equip traders for challenging markets, how trading tools can trigger portfolio management innovation and collaboration and how leveraging liquidity connectivity can help to quickly seize market opportunities.  

To learn more about our work in the fixed-income space, book a meeting with us now. 

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Learn more about our work in the fixed-income space

Discover how the Genesis Application Platform can help you overcome some of the most pressing challenges in fixed-income markets.

Use AI to unlock Primary Bond Market Opportunities

Learn how to use Private Large Language Models (LLMs) to efficiently process complex data from unstructured sources like emails and chat messages to gain a real-time understanding of new deals to make informed investment decisions.

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How AI is Reshaping the Trading Landscape

It may feel like AI is the next big thing in trading software. But, similar technology has actually been influencing trading for a while in the form of algo trading. Explore how AI is transforming the trading landscape beyond algorithms, including news and sentiment analysis, structuring unstructured data and building applications at scale.

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Neptune Networks Case Study & Testimonial

Discover how we built a highly sophisticated platform that can process over 1 billion FIX messages per day in less than six months for Neptune Networks.

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Meet the Team

Visit our experts at the Genesis booth to learn more about our work in the fixed-income space and how we can help you.

Liz Matkowski

Director, Head of Global Strategic Accounts

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Eunwoo Ha

Director, Head of Sales Engineering – Americas

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Jared Martin

Senior Sales Engineer

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Tony Barker

Senior Sales Engineer

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