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What’s in Version 8 of the Genesis Application Platform?

Now you can trial the latest features of our G8 release.

Genesis Create

A web-based application designer and project initialization tool, designed to enable faster setup of new IDE projects.

Genesis View

An AI-powered plug-in that transforms UX designs into UI code and CSS, designed to streamline design and development workflows.

Genesis Marketplace

An extensive library of pre-built solutions, templates, components and integrations to accelerate your build.

Trusted by leading financial institutions

“A very flexible platform. A very friendly team. They’ve achieved things we didn’t think were possible.”

“Thanks to Genesis we have this new tool and we couldn’t imagine our lives without it.”

“Now the team can complete the trade allocation process and create the client confirmations in half the time. ”

The process

When you meet our team, we’ll introduce you to Genesis, learn more about your challenges and see how the Genesis Application Platform could help you.

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We’ll introduce you to the Genesis Application Platform and discover how it could benefit your organization.

Demo and deep dive

Next, we’ll demonstrate how to build an application on our platform, showcasing the acceleration capabilities through a series of deep dives into our technology.

Hands-on experience

Then, you’ll get the chance to have a free trial where you can build your own application in a sandbox environment.

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