Radically reduce cost and development time by 80%.


The Platform

Genesis LCAP is an enterprise platform ‘front-to-back’, applications for front office, middle office, operations and client facing solutions have all been built on Genesis. Cloud delivered, with the ability to scale on demand.

Building Blocks

Genesis gives the building blocks to develop at speed, from data distribution servers and transaction handlers to the business components specific to Financial Markets. As simple as using "Lego".

User Interfaces

With the Genesis platform you can take advantage of our Low-Code configuration to quickly and easily develop appropriate interfaces for web components, mobile, tablet and Excel.

Easy Integration

The Genesis LCAP makes integration to legacy and modern technologies simple, and offers integration specific to financial markets such as using FIX protocols, or integrating to all the major industry vendors.

Developer Tooling

Tooling is an important part of the Genesis platform. You have the ability to build UIs, tackle EUC replacements and legacy integrations, and more - giving developers the tools to drastically increase productivity and speed up the software-delivery lifecycle. “The right tools for the job.”


Platform Details

Platform Elements

In this video we explain the three key elements of the Genesis Platform & take a deeper look at our microservices framework and business components.

Microservices Based Technology FrameworkBusiness Component Library
Build Solutions Quickly

This video explains the simple six step process to build out solution specific functionality using the Genesis Platform.

Data ModellingWeb Front EndIntegration
Platform Tools

This video highlights some of the Platform’s intuitive tooling to develop low-code software to a ‘pro-code’ standard.

Environment ManagerConsoleDevops Tool Stack

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