Accel, Google Ventures & Salesforce invest in Genesis, read how low-code is transforming IT delivery

“Genesis are taking on a huge market of legacy vendors - and winning too - while delivering on the promise of low-code”

- Andrei Brasoveanu, Partner at Accel


Members of the FINOS community accelerating open source collaboration in financial services

Financial Markets ‘Native’

Because Genesis is financial markets ‘native’ the platform uses the language and terminology specific to the industry. Supporting the asset classes, instruments and business rules needed for finance, with all of the APIs, integration and connections which are critical for a Low Code Platform to truly support Financial Markets.


Build or Buy. Innovate.

Our LCAP completely changes the Build vs Buy paradigm. Genesis empowers you to ‘Build' at radically reduced development times, and also offers you the ability to ‘Buy’ from our extensive Application Library. Giving you unparalleled choice and agility in your IT delivery.

Build vs Buy Whitepaper

“I was able scope out what I needed on a Monday or Tuesday, and by the following Monday, if not Friday afternoon, I had a beta-tested GUI on my desk.”

— David Beth, President & COO,
WallachBeth Capital

“With Genesis, the speed to market has made a huge difference. We can grow our business and deliver innovative applications to our traders, with low cost, low effort, and in much less time.”

— Will Winzor-Saile, Partner, Execution Analytics & Architecture at Redburn

“Genesis are really a partner in our business – they understand it all, and help us see the big picture. The solutions are consolidated, and show our clients that our company is robust and ready to attend to them.”

— Maria Paula Guimaraes, Private Wealth Management, XP Investments

Code Less, Do More with the Genesis Platform

The Genesis LCAP reduces cost and development times by an average of 80%. Because apps are quicker to build, the software is easier to customise and maintain. And, with our complete suite of management tools, the solutions are simpler to deploy and manage.

Building Blocks

Genesis gives the building blocks to develop at speed, from data distribution servers and transaction handlers to the business components specific to Financial Markets. As simple as using "Lego".

User Interfaces

With the Genesis platform you can take advantage of our Low-Code configuration to quickly and easily develop appropriate interfaces for web components, mobile, tablet and Excel.

Easy Integration

The Genesis LCAP makes any integration simple, offering many financial markets adapters out of the box, such as FIX, FpML, as well as integrating to all the major industry vendors such as Murex, Bloomberg, Finastra, SS&C, and ION.

Developer Tooling

Tooling is an important part of the Genesis platform. You have the ability to build UIs, tackle EUC replacements and legacy integrations, and more - giving developers the tools to drastically increase productivity and speed up the software-delivery lifecycle. “The right tools for the job.”


Discover our Extensive Application Library

The Genesis Application Library gives you immediate access to solutions for the front, middle, and back office and across a broad range of financial markets participants such as Wealth Managers, Asset Managers, Treasury Desks, Hedge Funds, Broker Dealers, Exchanges and Clearing Houses, and many more. The chances are that we have what you need, and if you need some additional workflow solutions we will use the Platform to build and deliver at lightning speed.


Automated Quoting System (AQS)

Create a fully audited request/response process in real-time with this functionality-rich Request for Quote model.


How to engage with Genesis

Explore our five-step engagement plan, which takes you swiftly from discovery to deployment. Whether you build or buy, it gives you a simple and effective way to deliver innovative enterprise-grade applications across your business.


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