Version 7 of Genesis Low-Code Platform Speeds Software Innovation in Financial Markets

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Developer resources

Build, Learn, Explore.

The low-code platform with 25+ modern building blocks for mission-critical finance systems.

Documentation & reference material

Genesis Global provides developers with low-code resources, tools and training that simplify the development, delivery and management of high-grade financial applications.

Quick start

Get your hands on the Genesis binaries and build yourself a (very) simple application – your first chance to see basic Genesis architecture and code in action.

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Go to the next level

If you’ve completed the Quick Start, you can move on and create something a lot more complex – a more sophisticated user interface, calculated positions and more.

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Get to know our data model, data types and the choice of underlying technologies. See the APIs and different ways of interacting with the database.

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Check the key configuration files for your server. See the main Genesis modules in depth, with example code. Find reference material on the different ways of integrating with other systems. And find some useful code snippets to speed up all your development.

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See reference material from the very basics, through to the details of individual Web Components, micro front-ends and design systems. Learn about integration with systems such as Angular.

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Understand how to set up hosts and see how clustering works. Check the specs of all Genesis commands (scripts). And see how to handle testing and to set up metrics.

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