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Accelerate development with ready-to-use solutions, templates, components, and integrations, across a range of financial markets use cases and workflows.


Prebuilt, extendable solutions for common financial markets challenges and workflows.

Featured Solution: Primary Bond Issuance (PBI)

A data aggregation and collaboration solution for fixed income teams active in primary bond markets, featuring integrations to multiple data sources and order management systems.

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Featured Solution: Trade Allocation Manager (TAM)

A standalone, multi-asset middle-office solution that centralizes and streamlines trade processing across asset classes. By automating fee calculation, matching, and end-of-day processing, TAM reduces the time from trade execution to client confirmation.

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Featured Solution: Credit Insurance Application (CIA)

CIA offers a scalable solution that automates the end-to-end management of credit insurance processes, significantly reducing manual workload and enhancing operational efficiency and risk oversight.

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Advanced Custodial Services Platform

Empowers financial institutions to offer advanced custodial services with real-time settlement capabilities and a client portal for asset summaries and daily statements.

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Algorithmic Order & Execution Dashboard

Provides real-time monitoring of algorithmic trading performance against benchmarks, facilitating timely order adjustments and offering detailed transaction cost analytics.

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Automated Quoting System

Supports multi-asset class automated quoting from initial quote capture to pricing, execution, and trade booking.

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Fund Finance

A solution for bank teams that provide fund finance lending facilities to Hedge Funds. It monitors and mitigates risk exposure to the underlying Investors (LP’s) within these funds.

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Global Credit Special Situations

Supports sourcing opportunities for purchasing illiquid credit assets in the secondary market, centralizing relevant business information, and facilitating communication.

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Real-time reconciliation solution for high volume multi-party reconciliations, supporting multiple data formats and customizable multi-tiered matching rules.

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Example applications serving both as launchpads for further development and as demonstrators of potential use cases.

Positions App

Built to demo common platform capabilities, with a focus on a position keeping system that consolidates trades into instrument level positions.

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Alternate Fund Manager

A demo app that consolidates trades, positions and P&L, removing the risk associated with EUC spreadsheets.

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Self-contained blocks of UI and business logic covering a range of general and finance-specific functions.

Notifications & Alerts

Allows the creation of rules for how and when your application generates user notifications, as well as pre-packaged alerts that users can subscribe to and customize.

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Allows users to create reusable report templates and generate reports from all data within the application.

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User/Profile Management

This component, which is mandatory for all Genesis applications, allows you to add users, manage permissions and offers profile management support. This component supports manual logon, MFA and SSO via SAML OIDC and JWT.

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Document Generation

This component enables you to configure templates and generate pdf or html documents from the information in your applications database.

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Document Management

Provides a unified interface for interacting with documents across different storage engines from both the application UI and the back-end server.

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FIX Protocol Gateway

Provides a gateway process to communicate with external parties via the FIX protocol.

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Pre-built integrations across a range of connectivity needs, from common data sources and formats to financial markets data, systems and protocols. These integrations have been built and deployed in Genesis projects and are available as sample code.

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