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Genesis rebuilds Neptune

platform in 6 months

The highly sophisticated platform is capable of processing over 1 billion messages per day


Neptune is a fixed income data distribution company connecting 30+ dealers to 80+ buy side firms on its platform with a mission to be a global leader in high quality axe data services.

Pre-intervention, Neptune provided its extremely successful service using outdated core technology that lacked rich features and scalability. It sought to deploy new capabilities but was limited by its platform.

Within six months, Genesis built a new platform from the ground up that has been processing ~1 billion messages per day since inception, significantly enhancing Neptune’s agility.

Since working with Neptune, we’re continuing to deliver new features such as portfolio trading and real-time analytics.

The Solution

Genesis capitalized on the transformative power of its low-code architecture, creating a platform that allows Neptune to effortlessly add new features, datasets and analytics.

Since the original go-live, Genesis has added multiple new features to improve user experience including API based data access, portfolio trading analytics, portfolio sharing and real time analytics.

The platform’s modern graphical user interface (GUI) enables traders, analysts, and risk managers to easily access data to make informed trading decisions.

Six-month turnaround

To expedite delivery and reduce delays, Genesis drew upon its fixed-income and market knowledge to ask the right questions—listening to, challenging, and double-checking information at every turn.

Teamwork and partnership

Genesis formed a coworking relationship with Neptune, having daily stand-ups and alternate-day backlog refinement sessions. Regular design discussions revealed efficient solutions and eliminated developer hurdles.

Modular design

Our platform’s modular design makes bringing new dealers and capabilities into Neptune’s service offering easier and faster than using traditional technologies.

The Benefits

Our platform can process 1.5 billion messages a day

High-throughput data platform

Neptune’s new high-throughput, low latency platform can process in excess of 18,000 FIX messages per second, streamlining its ability to exchange real-time bond data between dealers and asset managers.

New product coverage

Genesis’s developers added the functionality to bring single-name credit default swaps (CDS) and support for emerging market bonds, enhancing Neptune’s product offering

Increased analytics capability

Neptune now able to offer axe skews and other new analytics features on axe data and portfolios to help asset managers better understand the market. This helps it to provide next-generation services to its clients.

Multi-channel connectivity

Genesis platform offers the ability to access axe data via multiple channels including FIX, GUI, rest API, direct Kafka connection and SFTP.

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