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Notifcations & Alerts

The Notifications and Alerts component allows application administrators to create and manage application notifications, including their method of notification. Administrators can also create alerts that users can customize and subscribe to as required.


Notifications and alerts can be delivered within an application as toast notifications, emails, Microsoft Teams messages, as well as Symphony messages. Other delivery methods can be supported with minimal effort.

The Notifications and Alerts PBC also supports sending emails with multiple attachments and with preconfigured email body text.

The Notifications Center centralizes notifications and alerts information for users. The Notifications Center has an Alert Log where users can see a digest of all alerts and notifications received for that day, a view of all Active Alerts subscribed to, and a Subscribe section with a list of alerts available for subscription.




Powerful expression builder allows administrators to create and manage default application notifications



Manage methods and destinations of notifications with self-service GUI



Build alerts that users can subscribe to and make their own by adding variables

Notification Center

A Notification Center provides a digest of notifications, an active alerts management view, and preconfigured alerts available for subscription



Support for (multiple) email attachments and ability to add formatted email body text