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January 29-31, 2024, Miami

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How we help the best in equities trading, become even better

Genesis enables financial institutions in the equities space to innovate at speed through our software application development platform.

Using our platform, we have created several financial-grade applications to optimize workflows throughout the trade cycle.

An example of where we’ve done this is using our Trade Allocation Manager. This sell-side application is designed for middle-office teams who need to allocate and confirm trades efficiently across asset classes and geographies but get held back by legacy systems.

Learn more about how we’ve helped XP Investments  and  Stone X to optimize their middle office and book a meeting to see how we can help

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We’re excited to share that Martyn Snook, our VP of Application Delivery, will participate in a panel chat on Building an Innovation Roadmap on Tuesday, January 30, at 1.45 pm. Here, he’ll share:


  • How are trading desks looking to differentiate their services?
  • Why is breaking down silos within the trade lifecycle important? How does this increase desk resiliency?
  • How is technology helping address regulatory or headline risk issues?
  • How can we empower the desk and open new opportunities rather than just address headwinds?
  • How are desks making use of unstructured data and AI?


For more on how we can help you improve efficiencies to navigate the dynamic marketplace better, book a meeting with us now.


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Learn more about our work in the equities space

Discover how our platform and financial-grade applications can help you overcome some of the most pressing challenges in equity markets.

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How we help Banks & Broker-Dealers

Learn how our technology can integrate with various systems and accelerate development ten times faster than traditional methods to help banks and broker-dealers become more efficient. 

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Meet the Team

Come and meet our experts to learn more about what we’re doing in the equities space and how we can help you.

Stephen Murphy

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Steve Prestegaard

Senior Account Executive

Tony Barker

Senior Sales Engineer

Eunwoo Ha

Director, Sales Engineering

Martyn Snook

VP of Application Delivery

Matt Rafalski

Area VP, Enterprise

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