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Learn how Genesis can help you innovate within the dynamic and highly-regulated environment of the financial markets

Genesis & Amazon Web Services

As financial institutions strive to out-innovate the competition, they’re seeking new ways of accelerating product development—while managing pressured IT budgets, stretched resources and legacy technology.

Genesis Global enables financial market organizations to innovate at speed through our low-code platform that supercharges developers to build resilient, performant and secure applications with unmatched efficiency and scale. Genesis provides freedom from legacy and replaces the buy vs. build challenge with a buy-to-build solution.

Whether you’re looking to extend the capabilities of legacy applications or build brand new apps or platforms, Genesis supercharges developers with reusable components, dev tools, and documentation. Built with modern technologies, including cloud platforms, APIs, and open source in addition to event-driven architecture that supports real-time, mission-critical applications that work across the complete software development lifecycle with full-featured framework and tools.

Combined with the latest cloud offerings from AWS, financial institutions can now build truly scalable, resilient and cost-effective solutions, up to 80% faster than traditional methods.

“It’s transformative. I thought it was just a faster way to develop. But it has vast implications for transforming and powering innovation across firms.”

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The Benefits

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Up to 80% faster application delivery

The Genesis platform enable firms to accelerate application delivery, by reducing development complexity through Low-Code abstractions and by providing reusable financial markets components out-of-the-box.

Lowered technical barrier to entry

Genesis dramatically simplifies the development of performant, resilient, compliant applications for the financial markets, so firms no longer need to hire for specialist engineering skills.

Reduced operational costs and risk

Genesis empowers firms to rapidly mitigate manual processes and spreadsheet-based solutions while standardizing on a common platform, for increased cost-effectiveness and reduced operational risk.

AWS Services Used:

The Genesis platform leverages the latest AWS technologies for accelerated application delivery. These include:

  • EC2 for resizable compute capacity in the cloud.
  • S3 for logs and file transfer.
  • Firewall Manager for central firewall administration.
  • RDS for scaling and operating relational databases.
  • Key Management Service for the creation & management of cryptographic keys.
  • Virtual Private Cloud for logical separation of managed instances.
  • MSK – Managed streaming for Apache Kafka
  • AWS Transfer Family – fully secure and segregated SFTP service

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