Genesis Global Launches Primary Bond Market Solution for Asset Managers

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The Prime Brokerage Application

Transforming Client Onboarding and Data Management for a Leading European Bank

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The brokerage division for a leading European bank was facing challenges with their manual processes and lack of integration across legacy systems. They required a self-service portal that could efficiently consolidate and normalize data, to replace spreadsheets and enable their clients to self-serve their own data. Genesis developed the Prime Brokerage Application, a comprehensive solution catering to both internal users within the bank and their clients.

The Challenge

The bank was struggling with inefficient manual processes and a lack of integration between legacy systems, which had started to impact their ability to service their clients, scale their operations and compete effectively in the market. They needed a single source of normalized data to operationalize and modernize their processes, and a versatile, secure platform that could cater to the needs of both internal and external users.

The Solution

The Genesis Prime Brokerage Application was designed to address these challenges. It combines a unified source of data with real-time integrations to Portfolio and Order Management Systems, to create a centralized workflow with extensive reporting and visualizations across trades, positions, P&L, and more. The application also features a client portal, enabling the bank’s clients to securely access only their own account information and analytics, facilitated by the platform’s built-in authentication and authorization capabilities.

The Results

The proof of concept (POC) for the Genesis Prime Brokerage Application was developed within just a couple of weeks, demonstrating the speed and efficiency of the Genesis platform. Through Genesis, the bank reduced their reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets, significantly improving their ability to manage, modernize, and scale their business.

Furthermore, the Prime Brokerage Application has revolutionized the client experience, enabling clients to access data in real-time from within an intuitive and secure environment. This enhanced accessibility has led to increased client satisfaction, increased operational efficiency and has improved the bank’s competitiveness in the market.

The successful implementation of the Genesis Prime Brokerage Application has demonstrated the potential for further growth and competitiveness through adoption of an application development platform purpose-built for the financial markets.

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