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The Genesis Credit Insurance Application

Maximize productivity with our credit and political risk insurance solution.

How it Works

Our credit insurance application:

Captures structured data

Captures structured data from initial lending information to initiate a workflow from insurance RFQs, pricing, approvals and allocations through to final policies

Minimizes operational risk

Manages counterparty reference data & risk limits to minimize operational risk

Integrates seamlessly

Integrates with bank systems within the lending eco-system, such as loan booking systems, credit systems for limit management and counterparty reference data

“Thanks to Genesis we have this tool, and we couldn’t imagine our lives without it.”

– Jean-Maurice Elkouby, Manging Director, ING


CIA uses the following Genesis Components.

The Benefits

Using CIA you can:

Optimize operational


  • Enhance productivity by minimizing data re-keying and maximizing output.
  • Simplify reporting by reducing reliance on complex Excel spreadsheets and pivot tables.
  • Integrate with core internal systems through easy-to-implement APIs.
  • Improve risk management and monitoring

  • Improve real-time monitoring and manage associated risks through a consolidated view of the insurance portfolio.
  • Counterparty risk limit management module that tracks exposure and validates policy amounts against insurer headroom.
  • Reduce errors by simplifying reconciliation and establish a unified data source.
  • Customize


  • Enable users to access their region-specific data with a complex & configurable permission structure.
  • Access a personalized dashboard to view deals by status and high-level charting.
  • Customizable Reporting module, allowing users to create and generate new reports as required.
  • Learn more about CIA

    Replace manual or spreadsheet-based workflows with purpose-built, auditable applications.​

    Learn how ING has successfully operationalized these processes with purpose-built applications.

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    This video will demonstrate how CIA offers a scalable solution that automates the end-to-end management of credit insurance processes, significantly reducing manual workload and enhancing operational efficiency and risk oversight.

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