Automated Quoting System

Our Automated Quoting System (AQS) is a solution for both buy-side and sell-side firms which allows buy-side firms (or their clients) to send Request For Quotes (RFQs) for Equities via our own RFQ platform or FIX messages and the sell-side firms to automatically receive and price the quotes based on live market data, business intelligence, current positions, risk limits, client settings and trader settings.

Quote Request

Allow internal and external clients to send quote request to the pricing desk for Fixed Income, Equities and Funds.


Automated pricing tool with comprehensive workflow for efficient management of clients quotes.

Audit Trail

Our platform maintains a complete audit trail across all of the functionality, whether it is changing an instrument limit all the way through to changing any of the rules in the pricing engine everything is audited within the platform.

Bloomberg Integration

Seamless integration with Bloomberg Trade Order Management Solutions (TOMS) for real time trading report.

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