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Solving End User Computing (EUC) - Removing barriers to innovation & growth in Financial Markets

Why Does End User Computing Need Solving?

This Industry Article outlines the key problems caused by End User Computing in Financial Markets firms – along with a plan to tackle these issues. Demand for software is skyrocketing, businesses need to gain more control over their operations, reduce their costs and provide their teams with the tools to keep pace with the rate of change, complexity and automation. We explore how they can achieve that by rethinking their approach to applications and the processes that exist around them, and discuss how low-code innovation is helping them transform their IT real-estate.

“Addressing manual processes alongside EUC tools can drive a 25% reduction in the resources needed to run processes.”

When we talk about End User Computing (EUC), we’re looking at a set of tools created outside the IT department to solve specific business problems. Realistically, these are typically spreadsheets created by industrious staff who automate manual tasks because they want a quicker, easier way to get the work done. It’s not just limited to specific tasks, either. In some areas, these tools even find use as user-managed databases.

These tools are often created because of a gap in an available solution from the IT department. Though these applications are effective they often can cause wider issues. There are alternatives available to this way of working that can drive a much larger positive change across a business.

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