Rich Client Application Framework

Our Rich Client Application framework provides various components and configuration to develop applications with great UX as well as integration to our overall Genesis architecture with all the benefits of security, messaging and communication control, etc… From a visual and UX perspective our components configured by XAML allow everything real-time graphics through to editable cells and grids with complex business logic. Custom components can be built to interact with the Genesis libraries. Below we have given examples of XAML configuration which we and our clients can use to extend our products and platforms or build their own solutions.

Real-time Subscription Grid
Below is an example of a grid showing all of the trades within the platform it is pointing to, we changed the visual behavior (flashing row on change) and also how the individual fields will be displayed with conditional formatting.

Business Transaction Dialog
The example below shows a simple dialog to perform a business transaction to enter a new trade. There is styling on the combo box to Blue for Buy and Red for Sell. We also show an example of a snapshot query which is used to retrieve response(s) based on what the user sent in. In this specific example the query is looking up instrument name for the trade and also returns the instrument description based on the instrument code.