Reuters Feed Adapter

The Genesis framework allows our clients to subscribe to realtime data from Reuters, for example market prices or time & sales; this is unlike news which is source through the Reuters TRKD interface.

In the example below we show two type of realtime information that we can receive through the RFA, firstly “Level 1 Prices” and secondly “Time & Sales”.

Note: What you may notice on the time & sales is the record “type” this tells the process that it expects the incoming data to be on an “insert only” basis so it will be efficiently inert the data instead of trying to find and update exist rows which is the default behaviour.

The Reuters data that is returned is always part of the “data” object, so if you know the ield name its easy to simply reference it using the RFA tag e.g. data[“TRDPRC_1″] for trade price.

Like all Genesis process the RFA process can have the logging increased to be able to show more information about available fields.