Built for the demands of financial markets

Accelerate your business with the Genesis Low Code Application Platform.

Built for the demandsof financial markets

Accelerate yourbusiness with theGenesis Low-CodeApplication Platform.

Build fast. Adapt fast.

At its core, using our platform makes it possible to deliver solutions with far less code, in less time, for less money. It’s asset class agnostic, making it suitable for all firms whether they are buy side, sell side, or market infrastructure. It helps you solve a need quickly, with flexibility to enhance and extend after implementation.

A complete toolset

There are three aspects to our low-code application platform: a technology framework, a set of reusable business components, and a comprehensive toolset that covers each stage of the development and delivery lifecycle – create, integrate, deploy, and operate.

Platform Elements

In this video we explain the three main aspects that make up the Genesis Low Code Application Platform & takes a look inside the first two.

Microservices Based Technology Framework
Business Component Library

Building Solution Functionality

This video explains the simple six step process to build out solution specific functionality using the Genesis Platform.

Data Modelling
Web Front End

Platform Tools

This video highlights some of the key Platform tools that are available to make the process of building solutions efficient and well controlled.

Environment Manager
Devops Tool Stack

How does Genesis work?

We achieve agile and rapid solution delivery through our state of the art microservices based framework,
business component library and application development tools.

See what’s possible

See the solutions our tech team have built for firms around the globe on the Genesis low-code application platform. Then see what you can do.

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