Order Trade Repository (OTR)

The purpose of our Order Trade Repository (OTR) is to store in real-time orders, quotes and trades for multiple asset classes (i.e. Equities, Futures, FX, OTC Products and various Fixed Income products). OTR is for both the buy-side and the sell-side, it can be used in isolation or with other OTR modules. We have a variety of additional modules which work in conjunction with OTR, whether you are a sell-side firm looking for a solution to see global Equities order flow or buy-side firm wanting to view their counterparty fee calculations such as brokerage fees for Futures.

Trading Performance

Our trading performance analytics shows the quality of execution performance relative to a variety of benchmarks (i.e. Arrival Price).

Client Profitability

View the profitability of client’s flow across various asset classes, whether it be spreads on FX or execution fees for Futures.

Crossing Monitor

Automated alerts around internal flow whether it is your Asset Management trading FI products or broker dealer crossing Equities orders.

Counterparty Fees

Monitor and view all of the counterparty fees that you pay for execution and services whether you are a buy-side or sell-side firm.

Real-time Global View

View all of the quote, order & trade flow in real-time for all of your connected platforms, bridge the gap between your trading platforms.

Compliance Monitoring

Monitor all trading flows whether it be FX pricing or Equity execution in conjunction with real-time market data and market news.

Historical Flow

Automated alerts and manual searches on historical flow to find client’s for a Bond purchase or the other side of a Equities block trade.

STP Feed

Single Straight Through Processing channel from front office trading platform and execution venues to post-trade platforms.

IOI Management

Management of IOI’s and Trade Advertisement’s. List and client management of messaging based on product, client, instrument, country & sector.

Position Keeping

Store all of the positions and have real-time PnL based on market data and streaming trades. Various valuation strategies are supported.