Microservices Framework

Genesis Global has a number of custom solutions built for a leading Global clearing house. A great example use-case is the first solution to allow their members to manage their Options expiry workflow.

Genesis Global successfully pitched against an existing global partner and internal development ream and successfully delivered the first version of the platform in less than 6 weeks; against an estimated 6 months’ timeframe proposed by the others.

Technically the solution needed to seamlessly interact with their principal vendor solution using FpML messaging throughout this workflow and most importantly to be able to process each member workflow within milliseconds.

As well as real-time processing, the solution also pushes end of day information to their members.

This use-case alone proved without doubt how the Genesis Global technology framework can make light work of all integrations between external vendors, internally developed systems or legacy technology solutions.

This organization now considers Genesis Global the strategic software vendor of choice for all new technology projects.