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The Low-Code Advantage

Low-code is definitely a strong trend in IT at the moment and for good reason: it delivers business applications faster, cheaper, and with lower risk.

The Genesis LCAP was built specifically for financial markets use cases and this is one of the things that really sets us apart from other low-code platforms. Few cross-industry LCAPs have the low latency and high throughput imperative for financial markets and most lack the tools to build applications that understand financial instruments.

“What is also unique about Genesis is how we work with our clients who can buy ‘ready-made’ applications, partner with us to build applications, or directly purchase the platform to create the applications on their own. 

– James Harrison, CTO & Co-Founder – Genesis

Last year, we completely revamped the web presentation layer in the platform. We did this in response to what we felt the market really needed. We saw that when it came to web development, our clients and prospects tended to fall into one of three camps of competing JavaScript frameworks, React, Angular and Vue, with clients clearly having their favorites.

This posed a problem to us: which framework do we pick? If we opt for one, we risk alienating a subset of clients yet picking them all would put an enormous burden on our platform development team. What we also found is that particular frameworks lend themselves particularly well to certain use cases, while others did not. After careful
consideration, we made the bold decision to become entirely framework-agnostic. And in doing so we adopted Web Components across the entire platform, sitting a layer below each of the frameworks, but still providing specific framework hooks. We would then appeal to all the clients regardless of framework preferences.

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