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Introducing 'Low-Code' for Capital Markets

Solving the software & skills gap in Capital Markets

Innovations in software have completely changed the way that Capital Markets operate. They’ve accelerated processes, helped firms to handle regulation and driven growth. However, the truth is that there’s still a huge software and skills gap in the sector. For every successful implementation and use case, there are dozens of demands for new, more efficient processes that go unfulfilled.

“The Genesis Low Code application platform fundamentally shortens the IT process by about 80%.”

 – David Pearson, Post-trade Strategy & Solutions at Genesis

You’ve probably seen it in your own firm – even if you didn’t realise that was the issue. Ask yourself: How many of your teams are struggling to work more productively due to a lack of software? Do you have software projects in the pipeline that your IT department doesn’t have the time to deliver? And what impact is this having on your business as you aim to respond quickly to rapidly changing market circumstances? Firms often already know the solutions they need to meet emerging business demands. But how do they develop and implement those platforms before they become obsolete or irrelevant?

It’s a question that everyone’s trying to answer. And Low Code application development could provide the answer. A technology that offers the ability to develop and deploy new software and solutions in a fraction of the time it would take for traditional IT processes, Low Code has the potential to change the way firms approach their projects.

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