Highlights of 'genesis Low-Code Application Platform', demonstration at FinJS New York.

by Stephen Murphy, Co-Founder & CEO of Genesis

Stephen Murphy, our co-Founder & CEO, unveiled genesis’ Low-Code Application Platform and new development tools at FinJS on 21st October in New York, to a great reception from industry peers.

A unique proposition for capital markets, genesis’ platform accelerates development times and is the only platform capable of supporting the requirements of capital markets, by building solutions that are highly resilient, scalable and performant. The platform takes care of infrastructure management and democratises the design of web and OpenFin applications by eliminating the need to write substantial lines of code.

FinJS is a capital markets network that showcases innovations driven by web technologies. It is the brainchild of OpenFin, and is the biggest JavaScript for finance conference, held four times a year in London and New York. A group of world class speakers gathered at FinJS to share their expertise in JavaScript specific to finance — which attendees have described as “the most impactful” and “a journey into the future of what is possible.”

‘Low-code’. Agile application delivery

Stephen began by telling the audience about genesis, and why it matters, now more than ever,  in a market that never stands still.

genesis is a global capital markets software company focused on low-code application development. Stephen explained: “genesis helps firms not only solve business problems but helps them to grow through enabling the rapid creation of products and solutions, and crucially, low-code drastically reduces operational costs.”

genesis constantly strives to innovate and develop the entire technology stack. Stephen’s demonstration focused on the improved tools that enhance and complement genesis’ application infrastructure:

Web UI Framework – developed over  two and a half years the ‘low-code’, ‘no-code’, platform is a complete UI and integration framework, for developing single-page web applications as well as OpenFin applications from a single application codebase. Web applications are delivered within hours, instead of the usual weeks and months, vastly expediting time to market.

Stephen then illustrated the Real-time Data Server: “Once the data is configured via low-code, it is automatically available via genesis’ Real-time Data Server and available in technical common languages: e.g. HTTP, Web Sockets, REST, SOAP etc.”

He explained what this means for developers: “Product and solution developers don’t have to do anything or take any further action once the low-code is configured on our pro-code platform tools.”

Stephen went on to showcase the new platform tools, firstly: “Environment Manager, manages cloud infrastructure and is agnostic e.g. Amazon, Azure, Google. It is a complete infrastructure deployed on OpenFin or available as a single webpage app.””

Why did genesis build Environment Manager?

Stephen explained: “We wanted to build a platform that manages infrastructure and  importantly, requests to understand work activity. One that effectively manages budgets and costs and is fully audited.”

The new Genesis Console, a devops tool to manage the platform was introduced. Stephen commented: “The console manages everything from login through to configuration. It is fully interoperable and supports FDC3 messaging.”

He summarised: “Our underlying platform has built all of that infrastructure for you. It provides our clients with a Platform-as-a-Service, ‘low-code’ development tools and supports OpenFin.”

Low-code. Until recently has not been synonymous with the financial services industry, but that is about to change with genesis’ platform – and fast. For other tech industries it is expected that low-code programming, will soon surpass traditional coding as the app delivery platform of choice. Capital markets firms, which are under increasing pressure to deliver fast, value-add services, need to get onboard and embrace low-code application development.

Watch Stephen demonstrating the genesis Low-Code Application platform here! 

Look out for genesis at future FinJS events.