Highlights of “Rapid solutions based on the microservices architecture”, demonstration at FinJS London.

by Stephen Murphy, Co-Founder & CEO of Genesis

Stephen Murphy, co-Founder & CEO of genesis, presented at FinJS on 21st May in London. He built a Web and OpenFin application without coding in just a few minutes to illustrate the accelerated solution delivery that is possible with the genesis’ microservices framework, business component library and tools. This follows Stephen’s demo at FinJS New York in March, where he built a web application on the framework, again in record time.

FinJS is a capital markets network that showcases innovations driven by web technologies. It is the brainchild of OpenFin, and is the biggest JavaScript for finance conference, held four times a year in London and New York. A group of world class speakers gathered at FinJS to share their expertise in JavaScript specific to finance — which attendees have described as “the most impactful” and “a journey into the future of what is possible.”

Agile & rapid application delivery

Stephen began by telling the audience about genesis, and why they matter, now more than ever, in the constantly evolving market landscape, before moving onto demonstrating an OpenFin application being built without any coding.

genesis is a global solution and software product company focused on capital markets as well as asset and wealth management industries. Stephen explained that, “genesis help firms solve business problems and enable business opportunities”.

The firm was founded six years ago, in 2013, by Stephen and his co-founder James Harrison. Four years of initial research & development (R&D) went into building a microservices framework before going to market three years ago. genesis achieves agile and rapid application delivery through “our state of the art microservices based framework and business component library”, noted Stephen. This is augmented with genesis’ ‘no-code’ and ‘low-code’ development tools that empower users and democratise product design.

Stepehen continued: “When you combine these things the result is a software solution that can be client specific or a product for the market. The framework abstracts away complexity and enables solutions to be built much faster.”

He expanded on how genesis works with the industry: “We always start with the opportunity for our clients, whether that’s a legacy technology constraint or a brand new business opportunity. We have built a number of products recently from a Real-Time Portfolio Margin Solution (RPM) all the way through to settlement and post-trade solutions — all built on our microservices framework.”

The framework is a complete UI and integration framework, for developing desktop apps and also web, OpenFin and excel apps; it has been built on the core principles that solutions must be highly performant, resilient, robust, secure & compliant for the capital markets industry.

Building an OpenFin application in minutes

Stephen explained that genesis has invested heavily in acceleration tools around the framework. He would be demonstrating a key tool, Creative Studio, that delivers web applications, within hours, instead of the usual weeks and months, vastly expediting time to market. It does this by producing single-page web applications as well as OpenFin applications from a single application codebase. Once the applications are created, developers can further customise and develop on top of the generated codebase, that has been built using industry best practices. Creative Studio is not only used by genesis’ clients but also by the genesis product team, allowing all to accelerate web solutions using the same ‘low-code’, ‘no-code’ approach.

Stephen went on to demonstrate Creative Studio running as an OpenFin application. He explained that he would be building Trade Allocation Manager, a post-trade, multi-asset class confirmation platform. TAM allows clients to perform their middle- office workflows, making them as automated as required.

Stephen built the complete OpenFin web application for TAM in just a few minutes, without the need to write any code at all! Watch it here.

Look out for genesis at future FinJS events.