Genesis unveils the 4th Generation of its Low Code Application Platform. Every generation release is an important step forward to building on the learning incorporated from previous project engagements, and to provide the best user experience of Genesis application.

London: 8:00am, Monday, 2nd March, 2020:

Since inception the Platform has been used to create a wide range of applications covering all asset types and many parts of the Capital Markets value chain from buyside to market infrastructure for both product and client specific solutions.

The goal of the Genesis Platform is to transform the effectiveness (time to deliver, cost) of developing and operating robust and performant Capital Markets applications – those that process financial instruments – it’s the new blueprint for Capital Markets systems solution delivery.

Some of the key new features in Genesis Platform 4.0 include:

  • Free Layout Web User Interface: The Genesis web framework now implements (by default) a ‘free multi-window’ layout. Users can select the front-end controls they want to see, adjust the size & position of those controls (as well as column selection, ordering, styles, buttons etc within each control element), save and recall multiple desktop layouts. A new ‘tabbing feature on our grids allow you to set tabs with different filters. These changes significantly raise the feature set of the Genesis Web UI and further enhances the user experience.


  • Genesis Environment Manager (GEM): With cloud infrastructure it’s so easy to spin up new hosts that with multiple project teams and multiple environments managing these environments can easily get out of hand leading to cloud cost escalation. GEM aligns individual staff with the hosts they are working on – controlling who can create, start, stop and communicating environment status changes to interested parties. Environments are shut down when not being used, saving $$.


  • Internal notification messaging upgraded to Aeron: The notification of events between the internal microservices within the Genesis Framework server side now communicate with each other using Aeron messaging. Genesis seeks to leverage high quality, high performance open source software within the platform. Aeron messaging is proven and respected in our industry – its implementation has given the platform a further performance uptick.


  • Genesis Platform Abstraction Layer (GPAL): Developing applications on the Genesis Platform involves a combination of metadata and business specific code (plus graphical tools and auto code generation that assist). Currently the server-side development environment allows metadata to be created in different parts of the system that can be inconsistent; there is a set of tools to check for and then correct these inconsistencies.  A more powerful approach is to prevent inconsistencies from being created in the first place, together with even more productive programming environment with greater code auto-suggestion and error prevention.  The GPAL initiative will deliver these improvements; Release 4.0 contains the first phase of changes leading to these goals, focused on increasing the richness in meta data definitions and reducing the need for compensating code.


  • Database API: Genesis Platform database layer API provides a set of data access services that abstract solution developers from the underlying database engine. These services make solutions portable across several database technologies and provide services around high performance NOSQL and time series databases that would otherwise involve additional programming effort. In Release 4.0 the database API has been extended to offer solution developers new ways of handling asynchronous database operations, by exposing database operation using reactive extensions (RxJava2) and Kotlin coroutines. These provide an easier and cleaner syntax for dealing with asynchronous operations, speeding up development time and leading to more responsive applications.


  • Additional Integration Adapters: Genesis Framework includes a library of reusable business components, each of which can solve for parts of a new solution requirement; some of these components are interface adapters. Release 4.0 includes new integration adapters for Trading Technology (TT), Geneva (SS&C), Refinitiv (Reuters) Elektron, Refinitv DataScope Select (DSS) & TraFIX vendor packages as well as upgrades to several existing business components.

We at Genesis refuse to sit still when it comes to best serving our Capital Markets clients. We are constantly looking to enhance and evolve our Low Code Application Platform so that our clients can continue to capitalise on efficiency gains when developing applications that process financial instruments.


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Notes to the Editor:

About genesis

genesis is a global capital markets software company with a difference, offering a fresh approach to digital transformation. We help firms solve business problems and enable business opportunities, in a constantly changing environment.

Pioneering vision, coupled with our technical innovation, is at the heart of everything genesis does. We achieve agile and rapid application delivery through our state of the art microservices based framework and business component library. This is augmented with our “no-code” and “low-code” development tools that empower users and democratises product design.

We have made a multi-year investment in the framework that breaks down business problems into small functional components and has been built on the core principles that solutions must be highly performant, resilient, robust, secure & compliant for the capital markets industry.

Whether buy-side, sell-side, execution venue or clearing house, firms call on genesis to help redefine operating models and deliver outstanding value and services. Our strong product portfolio and investment roadmap allows us to collaborate with clients to offer a powerful combination of both off-the-shelf and client specific solutions.

The experienced leadership team has a unique perspective into the issues facing the industry, having worked at leading financial institutions and capital markets software vendors around the world.

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