Welcome to the Low-Code Expo special on Best Execution
for Asset Managers & Brokers

This month learn how Low-Code innovation is transforming Buy-Side IT delivery. Discussing Buy-side sophistication, increased regulatory oversight, and the hunt for alpha with Daniel Shepherd, CEO of BTON Financials. With a demo of the ‘Smart Broker Router’, developed using the Genesis LCAP, and how it’s transforming order management and broker execution.

Felipe Oliveira, Head of Sales & Marketing – Introduces the Expo

James Harrison, COO & Co-Founder – Company Update

Nick Kolba, Global Head of Platform – LCAP Upload

Daniel Shepherd, CEO – BTON Financial – LCAP Download

Pieternal Kimman, Sales Manager – LCAP In Action

Live Audience Q&A

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    28th October 2020

    How Low-Code is Revolutionising Financial Markets IT Delivery