How do we work with you?

We consider each of our client relationships as a partnership. Every one of our clients depend on our proven ability to deliver industry strength solutions ensuring they deliver on their successful business strategy. The success of our clients is directly correlated to our own success.

What do we offer our clients:

Microservices Framework

We offer the Genesis framework to our clients, allowing them to build proprietary solutions for their business needs and requirements with our full support. We have invested heavily in the Genesis platform which is based on the microservices architecture and principles leveraging a number of leading edge open source technologies. Using the Genesis Platform will vastly accelerate your development whilst maintaining resilience, robustness, and scalability.

Products & Solutions

We have a variety of products and solutions already developed, we also have a pipeline of solutions in our product roadmap for the financial markets. Everything from Fixed Income market gateways through to real-time risk and P&L solutions.

Development Partnership

We work closely with all our strategic clients whether they want to build market-wide products & solutions or market place businesses. If you are interested in finding out more then please contact us to discuss any opportunities you may have or to find out more about our development services.

Custom Solutions

We build custom solutions for our clients using our framework therefore giving our clients all of the benefits of our technology. Whether it be a post trade allocation platform or a front office pricing and quoting platform we can provide custom solutions. Please contact us to discuss a potential custom solution for your business.