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Case Study

Trio of tools for global asset management firm

PBI, ATB and Axes streamlines global bank’s manual processes for a modern and collaborative investment process

Client Challenge

Our client is a leading global bank and financial services organization. Its Asset Management branch helps clients achieve their investment goals through capital markets; multi-asset, liquidity, and alternative investments. 

Effective collaboration between portfolio managers, traders and credit analysts is vital for optimizing holdings and participating in new bond deals. The bank sought new applications to streamline its manual processes and enhance efficiency within its fixed income function. 

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Our client was able to leverage Genesis’ industry expertise, detailed planning, and seamless execution throughout.

A trio of complementary applications

We built a trio of tools to create a modern, integrated, efficient and collaborative investment solution for the bank. The bank can view and share data and collaborate to make informed investment decisions much more efficiently

Fast turnaround

We managed to deliver Axes and ATB in just 3 months, demonstrating Genesis’s unique proficiency and speed in designing and deploying applications with multiple internal and external integrations, and with complex data sets.

Innovative tools used enterprise-wide

We believe PBI is a first-of-its-kind application in the market. It’s now used by 150 portfolio managers, traders and analysts helping them capitalize on fast-moving opportunities across time-zones and geographies

The Solution

Genesis drew upon its deep expertise in designing applications that address complex product data and workflow challenges for multiple functions. 

And, even with an unforeseen vendor delay of nine months, our team were nimble and pivoted resources to engineer an alternative solution quickly. Without disrupting other integration work (OMS, external data sources compliance), Genesis integrated a mid-stream requirement of the bank’s analytics. 

The Benefits

Primary Bond Issuance (PBI)

  • Helps to efficiently track, analyze and communicate orders for new market deals. It aggregates deal data to provide a real-time unified view of the market. This makes workflows more efficient to ensure deal decisions are made within short pricing windows (2-4 hours)

Augmented Trade Blotter (ATB)

  • Enables traders to react quickly to buy and sell requests from portfolio managers. Integrates live pricing, liquidity data, analytics and compliance engines for a comprehensive view of the market 

Axes: Integrating axe data

  • Axes delivers real-time fixed-income pricing and liquidity data to portfolio managers and identifies buying and selling opportunities. It integrates the daily fixed income axe data into an intuitive interface from Neptune 

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