Low-code goes to the core of innovation

Capital markets firms want to use technology to create competitive advantage but are held back by legacy and the uneasy course they steer between build vs buy in their efforts to overcome it.

Is there a way to break down this silo?

“Other low-code platforms won’t be offering you low-latency and high throughput in processing 100,000 trades a second.

– Stephen Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder, genesis

The natural instinct of financial markets is to innovate, and to push technology as far it will go in search of competitive advantage. For the decade or so leading up to the financial crisis, firms were greedy for technology and resourceful in how they leveraged it to grow their business.

This momentum slowed down markedly after 2008.

Financial markets had to divert their focus from innovation to meeting regulatory demands for much greater transparency. Regulators had caught up with the technology and wanted a much better understanding of the fault lines in financial markets. Firms had to do more reporting, and do reporting they had never done before. This took its toll.

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