Realtime Portfolio Margin (RPM)

RPM product is for:

  1. prime brokers who want to upgrade margin calculations to realtime and/or provide their clients with an intra-day client portal.

  2. consumers of prime broker services who want to optimise cash collateral usage across multiple PBs and anticipate margin calls

Portfolio Monitoring

Monitor a set of portfolios in realtime; see the margin required now based on the latest trades and market moves. Per PB and per portfolio views. Drill into the (multi asset class) portfolio constituents and cash positions to see what is driving the changes

See the Big Picture

With overall dashboard and trends monitoring. Set up alerts to escalation simulation requiring adjustments of trading limits or margin calls

Reporting and Reconcilation

Generate margin reports per portfolio on demand. Perform line by line margin reconciliation with PBs

Interested in improving your business with RPM?

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