Redburn comment ‘genesis have a truly unique suite of solutions


Will Winzor-Saile, Execution Architect at Redburn.

Redburn, Europe’s largest independent equities broker, has announced its partnership with Genesis Global to leverage their microservices technology solution for the firm’s internal software development. Microservices technologies allow businesses to build innovative and highly scalable solutions quickly and easily.

Redburn is using Genesis Global’s advanced technology framework to enhance their trade monitoring, analytics and risk management. With Genesis Global’s framework Redburn can rapidly deliver key functionality and solutions to their business.

“Redburn’s focus is always on providing a premium execution service to our clients and we can only achieve this with the right investment in technology and trusted partners. We are always on the lookout for innovative Fintech providers and Genesis Global have a truly unique suite of solutions. Working with Genesis Global, we have been able to accelerate our development and become more agile without the high cost of building a framework internally.” said Will Winzor-Saile, Execution Architect at Redburn.

“At Genesis, we provide our clients with technology which is disrupting how companies maintain and develop software. By abstracting the complexity of building a microservices based solution and leveraging the AWS cloud infrastructure to deploy our software we empower firms to focus on the value to their business rather than the underlying infrastructure and technology architecture.” said Stephen Murphy, CEO of Genesis Global. “We are excited that we have Redburn as a client and how we are helping them to provide cutting edge technology solutions”.