The Genesis Solution Acceleration Framework has been meticulously developed and refined over the past 6 years. Proven through many successful projects, it embodies a complete approach to delivering capital markets solutions & products.

So how does it work?

Technology Framework Layer

Step 1 is the application infrastructure; the Technology Framework Layer

A micro services based design solves for non functional aspects of the solution/product e.g: event handling, data persistence, data consolidation & analytics, data distribution, protocol level interface integration, the core aspects of user experience, security, permission control, resilience, scaling and technical monitoring.

The framework leverages best-in-class open source software.

Business Component Library

Step 2 is selecting the appropriate elements from the Business Component Library

Each business component solves part of the functional needs e.g: reference and business data entities, standard business handling (of orders, trades, allocations, positions), standard business functions, standard workflow and user roles, business integration adapters to a wide range of upstream and downstream vendor packages and data sources.

Collectively these components solve for a substantial part of the functional aspects of the solution/product.

Solution Specifics

Step 3 is adding the Solution Specifics to complete the solution/product

Genesis has a powerful set of Application Development Tools which implement a low code paradigm.

These tools achieve high productivity in delivering the solutions specifics – both initially and for enhancements thereafter.

Resulting Solutions

The resulting solutions are cloud deployed by default & come with comprehensive facilities for build, integrate, test, deploy and production monitoring.

Solutions/products are highly performant, robust and secure; delivered in weeks rather than months.

If you’d like to know more about this approach please contact us.