Meticulously developed and refined over 5 years, our application infrastructure framework provides the robust foundation for all our activity.

Disruptive velocity

Since its launch in 2015 the capability of our framework has proven itself through the delivery of multiple successful projects. Fundamentally, it enables our clients to build high- performance enterprise software applications extremely quickly, radically reducing production timescales from years or months, to a matter of weeks.

Capital markets focus

Our framework has been designed specifically to meet the complex needs of global capital markets. Whatever your specific requirements, we can help you fulfill the demand for smarter, auditable end-to-end workflows as well as delivering real-time, valuable insights and ultimately, greater profitability.

Cloud Enabled and Open Source

The design of the Genesis Framework yields applications that are cloud enabled. Wherever suitable open source technology solutions exist these have been incorporated in the framework.

Incremental migration

Our framework’s ability to seamlessly integrate with an existing technology stack also reduces the corporate inertia that prevents the wholesale upgrade of a monolithic system. The monolith can stay standing. You just break off the piece that isn’t working and make it fit for purpose, then move onto the next piece that needs upgrading.

Our approach

Right from the outset, we embarked upon the development of our application framework with a clear set of ten objectives.

  • Be built and extended or adapted very quickly and easily
  • Integrate well with clients’ existing systems at both server and desktop level
  • Be secure, compliant, resilient, robust and high-performing
  • Deliver a fantastic, intuitive and contemporary user experience
  • Faciltate efficient deployment across a client network
  • Allow effective support in live operation
  • Be consistent across multiple solutions
  • Be cloud enabled
  • Use open source technologies where appropriate
  • Follow microservices design constructs