Career Opportunities

By nature, as a disruptive technology company which is leveraging ground breaking technologies, the culture at genesis global is very inclusive and at the same time we are all expected to maintain an independent drive, challenging status quo. With solid financial backing and strong clients, the roadmap ahead is substantial and with everyone having the opportunity to make an impact.

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Core Engineer
This is a very technology focused role requiring an understanding of messaging patterns, good software architecture, databases and with a desire to create a high-performance framework that is easy for Product Developers and clients to use. The role is very varied and covers all aspects of technology with a focus on parallel processing, speed, reliability, scalability, and distributed processing.

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Web Engineer
This role goes beyond traditional web development and stretches to designing, creating and producing high quality Productivity tools with the objectives to enable rapid Product Development through leveraging the Genesis Frameworks. The key to success is thinking outside the box and challenging status quo in Web Development techniques.

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Product Developer
This is a slightly less technical, yet no less challenging role than those of the core development teams. Successful applicants will turn client requirements into viable products/product features, honing a wide range of technical and analytical skills in the process.

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